• Shoshanna Cogan is one of the most skilled facilitators and trainers I have ever met. Every group she encounters sees her as a person with great wisdom and places high trust in her to take the group where they need to go. I have learned a great deal from Shoshanna over the 10 years I have known her and have grown in my abilities because of her leadership, support, and training. She is a mentor, coach, and leader whom I and many others follow and learn from. I can say with all honesty that I am a better trainer and consultant as a result of her guidance. I recommend, without hesitation, Shoshanna for any activity and work that involves training, facilitation, leadership, coaching, project management and development.

    Amy SalinasOwner, CAC Consulting
  • Shoshanna provides a combination of the highest level of facilitation and training skills mixed with broad understanding of her audience, serious attention to detail and knowledge, and tremendous results. She provides the know-how from concept to execution that creates transformative experiences for all. We can't recommend her highly enough! 

    Marcia JaffeFounder/Chairman of the Board at Bali Institute for Global Renewal
  • It is a pleasure to work with Shoshanna as she inspires her clients through deep integrity, commitment and genuine caring. Her professional and authentic approach, teamed with her years of experience in her chosen field provide a platform for an holistic experience of learning and integration. Thank you Shoshanna!

    Gael McKenzieCEO at Afrika Tikkun (supporting South Africa)
  • There are good trainers in the world, and then there are people like Shoshanna Cogan who are in a league of their own. I first met Shoshanna when she was working in the capacity of a leadership trainer where it was immediately apparent how skilled she was in this role. Her ability to impart knowledge, gain participant trust, engage learning and establish a comfortable rapport was outstanding. No surprise that when I had the opportunity to hire her as a trainer for my national service program that I jumped at the chance! 

Shoshanna has an innate capacity to connect with people to encourage their personal exploration and professional development. She is innovative in designing curriculum that is tailored to each program and then delivering a masterful and impactful training. Shoshanna has a presence all her own -- an ability to work with all ages, levels of experience and diverse sectors. She truly is one of the best!

    Denise RiebmanGeorge Washington University Director, Career Development and Alumni Services
  • I had the pleasure of participating in a national leadership institute at which Shoshanna was a lead trainer. Shoshanna was not only expert in the delivery of training, she also demonstrated an exceptional ability to connect with participants and to inspire confidence and trust. I found her methods creative and challenging and have continued to use the techniques she taught me in my management and leadership since that time. Quite simply put, she is a superb trainer.

    Mikel HerringtonCountry Director China at Peace Corps
  • I first worked with Shoshanna (via Neuland & Partner) when we hired her to perform a workshop on effective communication and negotiation at BASF. Shoshanna has exceeded all our expectations due to her thoughtful preparation of the training beforehand, her performance during the workshop as well as during our follow up sessions. We especially enjoyed Shoshanna’s enthusiasm and creativity while she was presenting different topics and the various means she used to motivate and actively engage our team in the workshop. Not only did we learn individually but Shoshanna also did a fantastic job in strengthening our teamwork abilities. I highly recommend Shoshanna’s work as a trainer and I look forward to working together on future workshops.

    Martina SchlegelCICP, BASF
  • Shoshanna Cogan is the best trainer and facilitator with whom I’ve ever worked – bar none! With her exquisite preparation and high-energy facilitation, she makes each event a transformative experience for learners and co-presenters.

    Naomi WeinerDirector of Training & Technical Assistance, Massachusetts Service Alliance
  • Shoshanna guided us to open to deep inner values & knowing. Her skills were superb and her gentleness, encouragement & compassion came from one who is truly connected with her wisdom & her heart. The results were clarity & empowerment and action steps to take with our core values as the foundations to create a life filled with vision. It was a privilege to experience the light & clarity Shoshanna brings to us all.

    Michael HaymanDirector of Kapiti Studio, New Zealand
  • Shoshanna is an extremely dedicated trainer/facilitator who actively seeks to satisfy both her client and training audiences. Shoshanna comes prepared and quickly establishes a learning environment that invites participation and group interaction. She is respectful and supportive to all populations – Shoshanna has been a major factor for us in delivering successful and meaningful orientations for new AmeriCorps*VISTA members.

    Vincent MarzulloState Program Director; Corporation for National & Community Service, USA
  • Shoshanna is highly customer-oriented. She has excellent project management, team leadership and collaboration skills. Shoshanna delivers 110 percent of what she commits to!

    Nancy HenryNorthwest Regional Educational Laboratory; Oregon